Flooring – Indoor Porch

If you have an indoor porch in your house then you want to seek something that does not stain and is easy to clean. Equally, you do not want something that is easily damaged and you need something durable.

A good choice for flooring for an indoor porch is vinyl, it is resistant to all sorts of things including, water, stains, mould and most other things that naturally occur. It is very low maintenance and if any muck does find it’s way onto the vinyl flooring then it is very easy to clean with either a mop or a few simple wipes. It is also a relatively inexpensive option for flooring with most options being between $8 and $10.

Another good choice could be a recycled plastic wood composite. The use of recycled plastic is great for the environment therefore a great idea for everyone who seeks to be as eco-friendly as possible. It looks similar to natural wood however it does not splinter nor crack and is very resistant to all things natural and is easy to clean. It is somewhat more expensive than it’s vinyl alternative as it usually comes from around $18 to $20. Nevertheless, it is a great investment as the plastic wood composites last for a very long time and often you can get 10 to 20-year warranties on the flooring.