Unlike other species, white wood features more of a closed-grain wood, the pores of which are clogged with tylose to create a water-resistant surface. The same property saves it from decay, enabling it to suit the kitchen and entry areas. However, it’s recommended to wipe off spills without any delay to ensure a long-lasting base for years to come. Steer away from the impression that it is water-proof and ensure a strong finish on it to ensure the long life of its floorboards.

There is a reason why it appears more fashionable and complements modern apartments. You will find fewer grains on its surface, with the rings placed close to each other, ultimately contributing to a smoother finish altogether. Apart from the uniform flow, it features mineral streaks, which appears more linear in pattern. The same facet again lends to homes an advanced look. Moreover, the colour white, in itself, is an outstanding interior decoration idea for contemporary homes.

White oak wood as flooring is popular for good reasons. However, what makes it an even more desired product among homeowners is the reasonable wood flooring price. One of the brands, named Whiteriver Group, proves the same through its highly accessible and affordable product range. Imagine such an option packed with numerous plus points, available at an inexpensive rate. Who wouldn’t eye it! Naturally, it enjoys all the attention, ultimately impressing homeowners with aesthetics and functionality.